Weekend Wrapup

Tomorrow its back to the office for another long summer week, but at least I had three whole days of cooking (and baking! believe it or not…) to get me through (you should see the tupperware piled up on my counter).  I wish I had pictures of all of my experiments–but again, I blame my terrible camera.  There were several lessons learned:

1) Flour Matters.  I know this, have always known this, and yet refuse to acknowledge it.  This weekend, I used stone ground whole wheat flour in everything.  And, needless to say, it affected most things.  I tried everything: using less flour, more baking soda/powder…eh.  The scones worked, the carrot cake cupcakes did not (they collapsed in the middle, but with icing filling in the holes, don’t taste half-bad!)

2) Vegetables will go soft if you leave them out.  We’re still learning how to store all of these various veggies that we pick up at the CSA, and unfortunately some radishes and turnips suffered this weekend.  Any suggestions for root fruits that no longer have that delicious crisp?

3) Cooking alone with blasting music can cure ANY mood.  This was not the easiest weekend, but with an empty house, a brand new set of iTunes downloads, and a slew of new ingredients, I did actually find some time to de-stress.  Thank god.  Thank you food!

I’m probably going to take a break tomorrow, but check back in on Tuesday to see what our latest farm haul ends up being — and what we end up making of it.


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