Weekend Wrapup: CSA Dinner Party


What a weekend.  I love waking up on a Sunday morning and feeling like its almost okay that the weekend is nearly over (its never entirely okay that a weekend is nearly over).  And today is Bar Tabac’s Bastille Day festival, which means I will be heading off soon to the closed down block in front of the restaurant for a little game of Petanque and a LOT of Rose (more on that later).  On top of it all, there was still a small slice of the Poppy Seed Cake that was one of our desserts at the party (more on that later, too) left over for breakfast.  I swear, I need to stop eating dessert for breakfast. At least there are no more carrot cake cupcakes left!
Summer Fridays are part of what makes working in publishing worthwhile.  While we don’t usually have them at our tiny indie press (because being indie is better than sporadic half-days), being a slow July afternoon, I did get home early enough to meet up with my two lovely roommates (T and J) so that we could start making a mess of the kitchen.  First task at hand? Cherry pitting.  I’ve never seen so many cherries in my life.  They would later become J’s delicious cherry crisp (I believe adapted from one of the charming 101 cookbooks‘ recipes?)


Next up? The pizza.  What else were we going to do with the obsecene amount of vegetables the CSA expects us to eat every week?  We started chopping, chopping, and chopping some more, while I finished up the poppy seed cake.  (Sidenote on the cake: my lovely boss lent me the Moosewood cookbook after my whole wheat carrot cake debacle–she is such a sweetheart, and recommended the poppy seed recipe, which turned out to be just as delicious as she insinuated!)


Luckily A got here early so we could put him to work.  At this point I have to mention that we used Trader Joe’s herb pizza dough, which is an absolute lifesaver (and just 99 cents a bag!).  So we didn’t need to wait for dough to rise (or not rise, given my history…)


We had quite the variety of pizzas.  Of course, we made a classic margherita, for those maybe not willing to be so adventurous in their dinner-eating.  Then we stepped it up a bit, and piled and piled and piled fresh veggies on top of tomato sauce and mozzarella on a second pie.  #3?  A basil pesto and ricotta concoction straight out of J’s head.  And the final (and favorite of the evening) was Smitten Kitchen’s Lemony Zucchini Goat Cheese pizza!  Wow, that went fast.  Except we made ours with our fresh CSA summer squash (green and yellow).  Tasty and aesthetically pleasing.  What more could you ask for?


How about fresh mojitos made from mint grown both on our fire escape and delivered fresh from the CSA farm?



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