Simple Sundays Part I: “Grilled Cheese”

Today I’m going to play catch up, since I was out of town for most of this week unexpectedly.  I thought since its the week end, and I’ve been mostly rushed, that I’d put up some of my favorite quick and easy meals that got me through the week, for lunch, dinner, and dessert.  I hate sacrificing flavor just because I’m short on time or groceries, so one of my favorite things to do is pull together meals with little or no effort or ingredients.  Let’s start with brunch.  Sometimes on a Saturday afternoon, all I want is a good (but light) sandwich, one that feels like a healthy meal rather than something shoved between two slices of a bread.  And while grilled cheese is a favorite of mine, I can rarely bring myself to eat it the way I think is the best: big white bread, lots of butter, and heavy on the (cheddar) cheese.  So while chatting in the kitchen with my sister, I came up with a nice knock off “grilled cheese” sandwich:


I’m not sure what to call this, so let’s go with Mozzarella Dijon Grilled Sandwich.  First I chopped some red onion, grape tomatoes and scallions, which I mixed together with dijon mustard and a little salt.  I used Honey Wheat bread for a nice sweet flavor (greasing the pan up with olive oil so the bread got nice and crisp), and loaded it up with Mozzarella Cheese.   Then I layered on some fresh spinach, a couple spoonfuls of the dijon mixture, and some more cheese.  Then I closed up the sandwich with another slice of bread, flipped it a few times, and voila!  Simple, quick (I think under 10 minutes) and using only things I had around the house.  I got “delicious” approval all around (I was at my parents’ for the weekend) and a nice suggestion from my sister: for a little more kick, add some horseradish to the dijon mustard mix.  I’ll have to try that next time…


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