Its been too hot to cook much…

And on top of that, my DailyLit project has really taken off!  I’ve spent the past two weeks interviewing authors about their memories of being in the kitchen, and then having to transcribe all of those interviews… I have to admit, its much more work than I originally anticipated, but I’m having a great time.  The project is scheduled to be done in September, so you won’t have to wait too long to hear all about cooking Persian food with Azar Nafisi or Tatiana de Rosnay’s delicious chocolate cake.  Until then, my apologies if I have no time to cook and post! But I will still be here at least once a week.


This week truly has been too hot to cook much, and so most of the week has been spent eating fresh corn salads and picnicking with prosciuttos and cheeses and bruschettas.  There really is nothing better than corn sliced off the cob, with tomatoes and basil.  If the corn is sweet enough (and our CSA corn certainly was!) you don’t need any sort of dressing, or even salt.  Just throw it together in a bowl and dig in.

But last night we did indeed turn on the stove, to throw the rest of the CSA veggies in there before a new batch is delivered on Tuesday. We roasted beets, parsnips, turnips, carrots–and would have done the same to the corn, had their been any left!  Also, my new favorite vegetable: brussel sprouts. Below I’ve included what I think is the best (and only) way to cook them:

The Only Way Megan Will Eat Brussel Sprouts (and Love Them) Recipe:

Cut the brussel sprouts into halves.  The key to this method of cooking the sprouts is to soak them or steam them first.  Either way seems to work fine; if you soak them in cold water, make sure to give them at least a solid half an hour and then dry them.  If you choose to steam them, 15 minutes in an inch or two of water, covered and simmering, should be enough time.

When they’re soft and dry, heat up a skillet with olive oil and add the sprouts, flat side up (you want the leafy part to be able to brown in the oil).  Sprinkle with salt and cover.  Keep the burner at a medium-high heat. Don’t stir the sprouts: the goal here is to get the outer layer crispy and brown, while keeping the inside nice and soft.  Keep a close eye on them, and remove from the heat before they begin to burn.  Cooking time varies.  Grate parmesan cheese on top while they’re still hot.  Serve to only your favorite friends, and warning: these will go fast.

(Apologies for the blurry photo: the new camera is coming soon, I promise!)



2 thoughts on “Its been too hot to cook much…

    • Sheila Dickson says:

      How do I “moderate” my comment?? Tried to get back into my original comment box.

      We are SOOOOOOOOO impressed with your website!! What fun! And to think you are my granddaughter!!

      Love ya,


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