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(this is exactly what I was talking about)

I feel like the Times has stolen my idea.  Not because they actually have (although I wish I could claim credit) but because they, like me, realized that readers want to hear about what their favorite authors are up to behind the scenes–especially in the kitchen.  This past week the Times ran two fun pieces by Jhumpa Lahiri and Nora Ephron, pieces that have the same sense that I have been trying to garner from the authors that I’ve recently interviewed.

It is pieces like these that, long ago, were the inspiration behind my upcoming project “Authors in the Kitchen.”  While yes, I am jealous that Jhumpa Lahiri’s piece seems to trump my series, this is exactly my aim in interviewing and reaching out to the writers I have: capturing this sort of story.  And Jhumpa writes dearly about the kitchen (while Nora Ephron has smart–and funny–answers).  So indulge yourself here and here, while I finish my project.  And this September you’ll be able to catch up on even more kitchen stories from your favorite authors, over at DailyLit.


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