Call For Tasters

As I keep saying (probably more out of stress, less out of excitement) the launch of Authors in the Kitchen is just around the corner.  This weekend, as part of an entire month of finishing touches, is food photography weekend.

So many authors passed on delicious recipes to me, that I (naively?) want to include in the articles – as photographs.  Because I have little time, and no natural light in the evenings when I get home, I’ve decided to have a one weekend cooking extravaganza.  This means if you know me and are in the New York City metropolitan area, you are being mandated to come to my house to eat the vast quantities of food that I will be producing (and photographing).

Enticement? Besides my amazing cooking? I’ll definitely be remaking those limey gin & tonics…

See you tomorrow!



4 thoughts on “Call For Tasters

  1. I can’t believe I missed this! I would have LOVED to have met you in person and tasted all the fabulous food! How did it go?

    P.S. You’re reading “The Tenth Muse”? It’s been on my list for ages, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. What do you think?

    • megalie says:

      Thanks Laura – it was delish! But no worries, I believe there will be another one for the launch of the project and I’ll make sure to send an invite your way!

      As for “The Tenth Muse”… as much as Judith was a brilliant editor and has some great stories to share, I wouldn’t say it makes for the best read… but its still on my nightstand, and I’m promising myself I’ll get through it.

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