Starting the Countdown

Hopefully over the course of the next week, I don’t go blind.  Between work and finishing up “Authors in the Kitchen” I’m not sure if there will be any spare moments when I’m not staring at my computer.  Its 11 AM on a Saturday morning and I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that’s been awake for the past several hours transcribing interviews.

Something I’ve learned?  I am the worst transcriber of interviews.  Slow and steady does not win this race.  My issue is apparently not that I’m a slow typer (I’m not) or that I get easily distracted (I don’t) but that I’m a slightly-hard-of-hearing perfectionist.  I’ll “rewind” (not sure if there’s a word for that in the digital realm yet) just to get every “um” “yeah” “you know” that I can, so I have every painstaking syllable on paper (ok, on screen).  So that a half hour interview can take me 3 times that just to get all the words down!  It may or may not be worth it to invest in one of those speech-recognition programs… thoughts?

But the project is slowly coming together and when I’m not exhausted at the prospect of finishing this thing, I do feel hints of excitement.  Its been so much fun chatting with all of these authors about cooking and food memories, that I think I’ll probably need to extend my career a bit further in that direction.  Also, an awesome excuse for cooking up loads of delicious food, which hopefully will be revealed all in good time.

One dish that I did make this past week that had nothing to do with the project and everything to do with the gorgeous artichokes I picked up the other day was homemade hollandaise.  I can’t even begin to explain how many times I have tried and failed to whip up (sans machine!) hollandaise sauce of the right thickness.  I refuse to go the fail-proof blender way (although I think A would have appreciated that much faster method Tuesday night) but I finally whipped myself into a successful frenzy.  And have two enormous blisters on my fingers to prove it.

The sauce was actually thick! Very thick! Almost surprisingly thick! Maybe a bit lemony, but thats completely besides the point.  We then steamed 2 globe artichokes and ate them leaf by leaf.  We were a bit surprised when neither of us stumbled across the hairy choke (god, that makes me feel uncomfortable just typing – couldn’t they call it something else?) but besides that missing feature, the rest was delicious.  So, here you go – I made A take pictures while I whipped (couldn’t stop stirring, hence the blurriness) and then I tried to make him smile while eating so I could photograph the experience (although apparently sucking artichoke leaves while grinning simultaneously is a nearly impossible task).  Also, everything seems to be glowing a bizarre yellow color…



Oh right, and the whole point of this post: the countdown!  Let’s cross our fingers and hope this thing launches the day after labor day… so 10 days to go!!


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