It’s Official: I’m Back!

Sorry about the unannounced hiatus–I just really need a month to recover from a work-and-stress-filled August.  But this time, I promise I won’t disappear again (and randomly resurface for air, igniting false hope).  But I’m here with good news and a fairly easy welcome-to-fall recipe.

First, the good news (and all of you will most likely get this in a mass email later, since I’m pretty sure my readers are A, my mom, and my grandma–hi all!).

We have set a launch date for Authors in the Kitchen–finally!  Next Tuesday, October 6, Authors in the Kitchen will go live on DailyLit!  So spread the word and mark your calendars.  It has been edited, formatted, copyedited, and gone over so many times that I don’t want to see it again.  But you all will love it!  I’ll be reminding everyone I know and their mother next week, but in case for some reason I forget about my own launch, keep an eye out!

Also, there will be a launch party dinner that evening as well–all are invited (for some of you, its mandatory).  There will be cheap champagne.  I just love popping those corks.  Yum.

And the recipe–the reason this blog exists in the first place!  Last night (girls night for Gossip Girl), me, J, N, and C (is this too many letters? yes.) cooked up a delicious soup that we could slurp while crammed on the couch catching up with our virtual television friends who have just started at NYU–our alma mater! How exciting!  And in our CSA, we got a pumpkin.  Instead of carving it, J gutted it (literally, while discussing how pumpkin guts were similar to human innards… we might have been a bit tipsy? almost?) and then N and C picked all of the little pumpkin seeds out for roasting, while J continued to demolish and then nicely cube the pumpkin meat.

The recipe? Easy–once you chop the pumpkin.
[Note: all of the quantities are for my mother, who has complained that I don’t use them.  Which I don’t.  So take these with a grain of salt–I’m guessing.]

1 (sugar) pumpkin
1 large onion (or 1 and 1/2 small ones)
garlic (maybe 4-6 cloves, depending on preference)
1 tsp sage (fresh if you have it)
1 tsp thyme (again, fresh if you have it)
heavy cream (I think I used a pint?)
2 tsps (ish) sugar (I used raw)
chicken broth
*this is tricky: I think we used 2 cans and then whatever was leftover in the fridge… so here is my note on this one: when adding the broth, make sure there is enough so that it covers the chopped pumpkin bits.

To start: chop onions and mince garlic.  Saute them in a good quantity of butter until soft and translucent.  Then add the pumpkin, sage, thyme, and chicken broth.  Bring the broth to a boil, then cover and simmer until the pumpkin is soft (15-20 minutes, depending on how thick your pumpkin chunks are.)

When the pumpkin is soft, transfer to a food processor (we use a blender because our food processor is too tiny) and puree.  Add back to the pot.  Pour in the cream, add the sugar, heat to a nice hot temperature, and enjoy!

See, wasn’t that easy?

[Also, make sure you get a big pumpkin.  We thought our soup could have been a little bit thicker, but the flavor was all there!]


One thought on “It’s Official: I’m Back!

  1. Mom says:

    Glad the soup came out good and I loved that you added quantities! Next time try making the croutons with gruyere melted on top – it’s yummy.

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