Today is the day!

And yes, that is the reason why I am still up at 1:00 AM… because there were so many things that I forgot to do.  Authors in the Kitchen (the website) is launching as we speak (slowly but surely) and then hopefully if I ever get to sleep, by the time I wake up, the series will be available for download on DailyLit!

At least, thats the plan.

So spread the word.  The culmination of months of work (and teaching myself php.  I hate php).  So I am redirecting you to www.authorsinthekitchen.com since in just an hour (cross your fingers!) I will be taking down the placeholder…

And then when this thing is finally launched, I’m going to come right back here and share with you all my new favorite way to eat eggplant (fried, of course) and a bottle or two of cheap champagne, if you live in Brooklyn.


One thought on “Today is the day!

  1. As someone who writes about both food and books, I find this project utterly charming. You also have a wonderful selection of authors participating!

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