Megan Halpern is a writer and publicist living and working in Brooklyn.  She spends what little free time she has in the kitchen, where she is passionate about cooking, oblivious to the mess she is making, and overly pretentious about food presentation.  It usually comes out delicious, if she does say so herself.

If you run into her at a bar (and you might, if you live in a particular neighborhood), buy her a g&t and then pull up a stool.  She doesn’t shut up.

Email her at:

halpern [dot] megan [at] gmail [dot] com.

(The opinions herein expressed here are naturally those of the writer alone and do not reflect  the views of her employer, colleagues, relations, etc.)


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Julie Halpern says:

    Pop pop found this and called me! He is at Linda’s for the week… I guess Molly told him about this. Tried to find it, looked for a link on fb, and somehow found it through a tweet…
    You are so cool! Please come here to stay on your next vacation, and cook for us!

  2. myron says:

    bon appetit,ma cher(mon cher).what can i say?grandma Edna would be (as am i)proud.be sure and ask mom for her recipies…love/love/love POP…ps:she was known thruout hudson county as one of the Katz(redhead)girls

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